OKAY! From the most sincere part of my heart, I don’t want to come across as someone who constantly rants about my company and its products/services. It would be so unfair & boring na! BUT! Being a professional interior paint contractor I believe that it is my sole responsibility to update my readers about newer technology in the field of interior painting. At the cost of reiterating, let me just say that we at some point of day fall victims to the ill effects of dirt & dust. Whether you live in a high-rise posh locality/ a tower/ a studio flat or where ever for that matter. At some point dirt & dust has in more than one ways always adversely affected our health. We often undermine the ill effects of dust on our bodies & its long-term implications. Thankfully, there are a few who don’t! Don’t ask me who but a team of engineers then came up with a technology called “dustless technology”.

So what is dustless technology that I have been going on and on about? In the most simplest words, dustless technology is the use of dustless sanders & suctions that prepare your walls for painting. Remember the process in which the painter used to take a small piece of sanding paper and scrub your walls. Well that same process is now done with the help of dustless sanding HEPA filters, which capture up to 99.9% of the dust that is created otherwise from the sanding process. One of the most important aspects of any painting project is the level of prep work completed. This usually involves alot of sanding, sometimes with hand tools, sometimes with power tools. Now if your painter doesn’t use dustless sanding technology, sure, you will get a nice smooth finish but at the expense of very fine dust all over your home and in the air that your family breathes.
So if you have allergies, respiratory issues, or health concerns, pets, elders be sure to be making a few rounds to the hospital. Even if you think you are immune to dust related issues, a trip to the doctor is on its way sooner/later. While it is a well known fact that dust is bad for health it baffles me when people whine about the costing of dustless technology. Sure as hell dustless sanders & painters (such as us) are expensive! But at the cost of the health of your loved ones we think NOT.
So don’t go around hiring a mediocre painter that hasn’t invested in dustless sanding equipment’s. Hire an eco friendly painter that worries about you breathing in harmful paint and drywall dust. Stay dustless!