While we are well equipped in serving different sectors of painting, be it commercial painting/residential, we feel restaurant/a shop painting project is an all-together a different ball game. Food, being an imperative part of the restaurant industry, We ONLY use technology that helps reduce dust while painting. Painting a restaurant/shop or any eatery has different sections, such as the kitchen and the dining area, which have different painting needs. Re-painting/painting a kitchen wall is far different than any other wall; it requires a painting contractor who understands how to respond to the different needs of your kitchen. We understand the imperative to use tough paints such as enamel or semi-gloss so grease and food stains can be easily removed. As for the entryway or the reception area of the restaurant, the restaurant painting needs to be beautiful and endearing. For this area, we use flat paints, which have low glares, and are best for creating a warm environment. This in-depth knowledge is what makes us an expert backed by specialised materials and the skills demanded for this task.

Why Hire dustlesspainting @ Your Restaurant/Shop?

    (Painting a restaurant/shop is unlike any other commercial painting project. As your paint contractor, we adhere to the highest professional standards and have the capability of maintaining utmost cleanliness & dust-free atmosphere. Our HEPA suctions will ensure no sanding dust at all times. We prove complete protection of food/customers or both while painting the interiors)
    (Our painting crews can work off-hours if needed. We have the knowledge and expertise to maximise performance, durability, appearance, and affordability. We adhere to the highest professional standards and have the capability to complete the largest jobs under tight deadlines. Our unmatched painting service and application knowledge for the job will deliver a service that will not just appear durable but also provide a true value for money)
    (Our crew is fully trained and realises the importance minimal noise & uninterrupted functioning while painting a restaurant/shop. Unlike other paint contractors that have limited flexibility, we can easily accommodate after-hours/weekend work, tight deadlines, and special preferences, so that there is minimal interruption in the daily functioning of your restaurant/shop)
    (With 99.9% dust-free mechanism in place, dustlesspainting assures to eliminate food-borne illness caused by bacteria or other pathogens on food that can contaminate food and cause various health’s risks. Our site supervisor will ensure complete job site clean-up everyday)