“Why Re-Paint When You Can Re-Fresh”

Painting is not a repetitive or “do it often” kind of service and we know that.  At dustlesspainting, we believe in protecting our client’s needs and pockets at all times. While some people might have walls that hardly ever need to be cleaned- maybe just dusted from time to time. The rest of us are not so lucky! Wear & tear is unavoidable, leaving our beautifully painted walls with some TLC.

Dirt, dust, smoke generated from cooking, wood heaters, smokers, natural gas stoves, little sticky fingers will eventually make even the nicest wall look dirty. The cause of dirty walls is never ending. So if you haven’t taken a good look at your walls lately, you’ll be surprised at what you find when you do. Whether you want to brighten up a room or get rid of stubborn wall stains, “Wash Walls” will help you achieve that almost freshly painted look all over again!

We at dustlesspainting, provide an “after service” called “Wash Walls” for all our clients/those who seek our “annual maintenance contract”. “Wash Walls” is a concept exclusively developed by dustlesspainting to help freshen up your walls without having to repaint. We have tips, techniques and systematic procedures that will turn those drab walls into almost freshly painted in no time.


Remove Dust

Before washing the walls, we remove any loose dirt and dust. Cleaning without removing these will result in creating and spreading mud. This will create a larger mess than you started with. Once all of the dry dirt is removed, you are ready to wash the walls.

Wash Wall Solution

At dustlesspainting, We have created a solution mix that can be used to “Wash Walls”. We pride on creating our own mix of “Wash Wall” solution unavailable in the market. It is exclusively available for our clients/those who seek our “annual maintenance contract”