Painting Contractors for Offices!!!

For those who live by, “Work Is Life / Work Is Worship” the next 400 odds words are a must read! We live in time where work has spilled over our personal life. Today, Most of us/those termed as workaholic spend a majority of their time at work stations/offices.

It strange how the one place that helps us earns our livelihood is often neglected on the beautification front. Why? Why do we think of dull colored walls; brown desks and mundane interiors when it comes to our workstations? Office is a place where a person spends maximum time of a day. A comfortable office with lively atmosphere keeps you active throughout the day whereas dull office interior affects the work-capacity of every single person.

Thankfully, there are some focused in creating an attractive workspace in order to boost the energy of employees and in turn enhance their abilities. Try goggling some of these offices, Google (London, UK); Skype (Stockholm, Sweden); Twitter (San Francisco, USA); Microsoft (Vienna, Austria); Nike (Oregon) Etc. Check them out to know why they yield higher employee performance.

I am sure you are already thinking about how the moolah’s you might have to spend in order to achieve a beautiful looking office. Let me put that pain to rest, Rather than revamping the entire interior why not do a little painting quick fix. Let me suggest you a few handful interior painting ideas for your commercial space: –

1. Statement Walls
Paint a wall with an outright statement color, Maroon, Navy Blue, Lime Yellow. Team it with lookalike furniture and keep your accessories in monochrome shades with one accent color.

2. Wooden Texture
Try a wooden flooring look alike texture on the walls. It is an effective way to cover uneven walls. Mix it with rusty antique accessories & furniture to give your office a retro look.

3. Create A Corner
Or try papering the door panels, staircase or passage with beautiful decals. Choose a lovely print that works with your furnishings and overall décor theme, and buy office accessories to fit the scheme.

While interior decoration is one aspect of brightening your office don’t avoid the comfort of your employee. Give a life to your workstation / office space by adding various elements such as beautifully crafted stationery, folders, files, coffee mugs etc.

Until next time, Stay dustless!!