Why Not Paint In Monsoons?

Interior Painting During Monsoon: How & Whys?

Like most of us, especially those living in Mumbai shy away from interior painting during the monsoon period. While we rejoice & enjoy rain God’s ample love, with bhutta’s, bhajiyas & some hot tea we often find ourselves delaying interior painting related work. It baffles us to see that we’ve reached the Mars but we haven’t been able to break this mental barrier of, Oh! Barrish mein painting nahi kar sakte.


Kyun nahi? Is all I ask? How? Is just what this article is all about. So without further a due, let me introduce you to radiant heating technology. In the simplest words, radiant heating is a technology used for heating indoor & outdoor areas. It is a lesser-known fact that radiant heaters are widely regarded as the most comfortable, healthiest and most natural heating form available. They work on the primary principle of heat. The sole purpose of a radiant heather is to warm the objects around you instead of the air that you breathe. The most common form of radiant heat energy is the warmth we feel from the sunshine.

Now let me give you a real life example: –

Imagine a wall that is freshly scrubbed with two coats of primer/putty. At this stage, I cannot stress enough the importance of “Drying Time”. It is one of the most crucial steps in interior painting. Due to intense humidity & dampness in the air it gets difficult for each coat of primer or putty or paint to dry. What do you do then? WAIT, Maybe? Now instead of waiting why not use radiant heaters. We at dustlesspainting, have invested in larger radiant heaters that can be used during monsoon to help speed up the drying time and in turn the entire painting process. Radiant heaters are safer, more durable and more cost effective than all other forms of heating available.

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