Shall We Marsala?

Lets try and ring a bell; It’s the 1983s, The UB40 Band; The smooth light reggae-style singing & the lyrics that go something like this Red, Red Wine; Goes to my head, Makes me forget that I still need her so…. While I was helplessly humming this tune on a lonesome afternoon, the alternate though that followed apart from the zesty need for glass of red wine was, Marsala.interior-designer-mumbai-thane-dustlesspainting

As a residential painting contractor, you are constantly scouting for the latest color trends. Little did I know, that Pantone’s color pick for 2015 was this earthy rum-raisin hue with red brown tones and fortified wine connotations. For me it was love at first sight, I knew instantaneously that Marsala was the perfect color that could work well in a home. House painting being one of my favorite areas of work, I knew this color could create the perfect warmth that a home needs. Partnered with colors that have a bit more life to keep the palette from feeling dull, Marsala is the perfect house painting color.

No! Like literally look at that gorgeous color and tell me that you have already envisioned a wall or a piece of furniture at your home.As aresidential paint applicator, my interest lies in how Marsala can work best in home interiors to show off its rich and warming nature.So lets picture some scenarios, Murky maroon is the simplest way of putting this color into perspective.

interior-decorator-mumbai-thane-dustlesspainting With tones of red hues that stimulate the senses & our appetite, Marsala would be the perfect choice for a dinning area. Team it with a happy yellow & white ceiling to keep the space light & bright. Or may be use it as an accent wall anywhere in the house. While Marsala is deep, dark and a little muddy color, team it with lots of whites, beige, and neutrals to keep it upbeat. Now, If your in mood for some adventure, How about using Marsala in a bathroom or entertainment room. Try giving it your own spin. As a statutory warning, this color is not for the faint hearted. So shall we Marsala?

(PS:- Heading to my modest wine cellar, Red wine I must have)

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