Welcome! I am glad you are here… Well, I am Niyati Ingale, officially a partner at dustlesspainting but otherwise “The Leisurely Writer” for this blog… While I have you here with me I must mention that I am not by any shape or form a professional writer. This blog will give the writer in me a chance to talk about topics that compound a large part of my life such as

Home décor, Interior painting, Interior designing and decoration, Wall Designing, Texture Wall Painting, Wall Decals

, The-Know-How’s Of Painting (How,Why,What,Where,Whom), DIYs & maybe sweet nothings (seriously kidding) ….

Are we all on board? Or have I lost you already. Good! Coz I have another 100 words for you to read…. Let me get straight into the topic one of the key components of interior decoration is painting. A paint can transform any room in your home in more than one ways. It’s an easy way to give a space a quick yet impactful makeover. Today, painting a room is more than just picking the right colors. A successful paint job also involves using the right tools and techniques. I know I know, this is an extensive topic to cover in a blogpost, yet I am gonna try giving you a lowdown on things that one should remember before embarking upon a paint project:-

1. The Purpose Of Painting
One of the key things to remember before approaching a professional painter is why & what are you looking for. Clear your vision & idea, It will only give an added impetus to your painter. Ask yourself a couple of these questions? What is the colour theme that I should work with? What kind of mood am I trying to set up for a room? Is it reflecting my personal style and personality? Is it feasible? What kind of texture or wall decal should I choose? Am I willing to push back life a little until the completion of the paint project? Do I have important work/personal commitments ahead? What is the timeline I have in mind?

2. Daily Disruptions
We all know painting is a messy job. No matter what one claims it is bound to create, maybe not a lot but a little mess… Thankfully with the help of our technology, dustlesspainting can assure you no mess kind of environment… But despite all the modern changes in the way we paint, it is crucial that you set a timeline in your mind for the the paint project. As a client, you have to be ready to spare a few days, which would also mean slight disruption in daily schedule and chores.

3. Color Schemes, Textures & Walls Décor
If it was only about painting then this world would be a very drab place to live… Today there are a whole host of wall decors that can uplift the paint beneath and in totality change the feel of a room… Look out for some interesting wall makeover items available in the market such as Wall Tattoos, Decals & Wall Stickers, Stencils etc… (Ask us to know more). In addition I suggest you visit some online portals such as Amazon.com, Fabfurnish, Allposters, ebay, Postergully, thewallstore etc…

4. Technique & Tools
It is extremely crucial to ask your painter bout his techniques & tools. Using the right tool, technique and machines will only make the paint stay longer. Do not hesitate to ask your painter technical questions (If you have any). Every painter owes you a step by step explanation about the technicalities of painting.

At the end of it, a house painting project is a pure expression of who you and where you come from… Take advantage of it and add your personality to it… Stay dustless! Contact us today for a quote!!