Summertime Happiness!

Sunkissed Summer Interior Color Combinations

If summer is your thing & it doesn’t give you summertime sadness then you can work around creating beautiful color schemes. Readers! As much as we dread the Indian summer, lets face it we live in a tropical country where summer can be “Hot As Hell”… But with that being said, It is also crucial to understand that India will always remain hot irrespective of any month of the year (off course not on those almost wintry & when it rains like cats and dog days). So why don’t we all quit raving about the banes of living in a hot country and try working around it. Today, I am going to suggest a few color combinations that will eliminate the heat while giving a beautiful sun-kissed silhouette like feel all throughout the year. From yellows that radiate warmth to blues that cool and comfort, weightless whites to cheerful reds, the look, like this season, should always be effortless and uncomplicated. From a classic white to a dark red out of the box theme, these summer colors are sure to spark thoughts of season’s pleasures.

Beautiful Blues: –
Just like the sky, this shade of blue has a serene, calming presence. Merge it with bold furniture, drapery panels, large accessories, this can bring a beautiful quieting effect to a bedroom, sitting area or anywhere you like to relax & unwind.

Lovely Limes: –
A hint of lime can fix anything – From salsa to a cocktail. Lime shades have the same effect on a room. You can use it as an accent wall or use various shades together to create a monotone look.

Crushing Over Corals: –
Corals are one of the most vibrant hues, they standout like no other. Work your coral in your bedroom or sitting area with light colored furniture’s to make a bold yet weightless statement.

Ruby Reds: –
When in doubt go for a good shade of red. How about using a dark hue of red while balancing it lots of whites, off-whites and beige. Try Tip: – Use it at the entrance. It will set a cheerful, inviting & happy tone.



Wonderful Whites: –

A brilliant white can give any space a fresh, clean look. Use plenty of whites to neutralize a backdrop along with accent pieces to lift and contract the white. Or simply play with whites to create a monochromatic design by enveloping the room in an all-white palette.

Have I gotten your mind running? I hope I have… Until next time stay dustless!