Keep The Dust Down; Bring Back Life…

How important is water for a living being? VERY Isn’t it! Similarly, it is crucial all times to maintain a dust-free environment at any hospital/clinic. Most healthcare facilities these days constantly witness ongoing construction, constant repairs, renovations and additions, as hospitals/clinics need to respond to innovations in technology. Off course, there’s no harm in a little painting dust floating around, right?
WRONG. Today, dust has become a very effective transporter of airborne bacteria. Many hospital deaths are attributed every year to dust-borne diseases. It’s not that the dust itself is dirty – just that the particles give a free ride to bacteria looking for weak and vulnerable hosts. So, we thought on how we can eliminate this risk all together. As your painting contractor, how can we provide a dust-free painting facility? And instantaneously, our answer was, dustless sanding technology. We believe our technique of interior painting will change the due course of the entire painting process in the healthcare industry. We want to ensure all areas within the hospitals/clinics are safe, welcoming and comfortable, so your patients feel reassured when visiting the hospital while your working with us.

Why Hire dustlesspainting @ Your Hospital/Clinic?

    (At dustlesspainting, We will deploy a special ‘Clean Team’ from our end to ensure that cleaning standards are met at all times. Our interior painting technique will be a balanced blend of a sporadic and disinfectant cleaning agent along with additional infection control measures)
    (A site supervisor, at all times will ensure that all wards/rooms/lobbies/areas are cleaned daily post any painting procedure. Moreover, his/her special duty at all times will be of making sure all timelines of painting procedures are met)
    (Our core focus remains on making sure that there are no disruptions/interruptions in the functioning of your hospital/clinic. We want to make ourselves sparse at all times and ensure that the daily routine takes place flawlessly while we are painting your interiors. In addition, we are willing to work at odd hours to ensure that no patient/hospital staff feel a pinch of discomfort)
    (At hospitals/clinics, there can be no scope for air-borne bacteria. Maintaining cleanliness during and post painting will play an essential part in reducing the risk of infection in hospital. Our focus remains on providing a clean and safe environment for your patients and visitors)
    (We aim to create a healthier surrounding for your patient/staff. As an eco-friendly painting contractor, we believe in delivering utmost cleanliness at all times. Our painting technique is all about creating a hostile and green environment at hospital/clinic)