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Here’s a short introduction of our team!!

Atul Ingale

Proprietor – Atul Ingale


Professionally, A (1983) VJTI (Electrical Engineering), It was my dream to build technology that makes peoples lives better. I wanted to simplify yet revolutionize the entire painting process in India. For which I refused to settle down with the mediocre, I wanted to find alternatives, which ultimately resulted in the idea of bringing dustless automation in the field of painting.

In order to realize my dream, In the year 1996, I built a scrubbing machine with dust control elements, but unfortunately that attempt bombed. After almost a decade, In 2013, I again began pondering over the same subject. With extensive R&D I was finally successful in bringing dustless sanding automation to India.
And Here I am today, Atul Ingale (Managing Partner) at dustlesspainting, A company that thrives on the principles of dustless sanding technology. At dustlesspainting, I am responsible for handling site execution, product innovation, & most importantly R&D. I strongly believe & Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) has rightly said that, “When a person really desires something, the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.”

Dustless Painting offers Mobile Painting Services in Mumbai & Thane

Little joys of life often amount to a lot of happiness. As much as we care for the comfort of our clients we make sure to provide similar comfort to our workers. At dustlesspainting, everyone is at par, We treat our workers exactly how we would like to be treated. This four door mobile machine is a joy ride for all our workers. We make sure that our team including site supervisors commute only in our car all along assuring that machines and important equipment’s are properly handled at all times.

So say hello to the latest entrant in the dustlesspainting family… You never know where you might spot it!