I remember as a child growing up in the late 90s found myself playing various games made out of paper… I remember playing one such game for which one has to sing something like this “Color; color which color do you want? It was one of my favourite paper games, and it brought such an instantaneous smile on my face in more than one ways… Similarly, unknowingly colors have various implications on our lives. They can also be used as a powerful psychological tool. Colors can have such a grave impact on our mood, behaviour & life at large… Here’z a fun chart on how colors affect us, Read on: –


    • Stimulates mental processes
    • Stimulates the nervous system
    • Activates Memory
    • Encourages Communication


    • Soothing
    • Relaxing both mentally & physically
    • Assists elevation depression, nervousness
    • Boosts self-control


    • Calming
    • Sedates
    • Enhances intuition


    • Uplifts the mood
    • Calming effect on mind
    • Boosts a sense of spirituality
    • Encourages creativity


    • Encourage action
    • Increases Confidence
    • Reduces Erratic behaviour


    • Increases enthusiasm
    • Stimulates energy, respiration, blood pressure
    • Encourages action
    • Eludes fear & anxiety


    • Stimulates activity
    • Boosts appetite
    • Encourages socialisation


    • Assists mental clarity
    • De-clutters the mind
    • Evokes thoughts of purification
    • Enables fresh beginnings


    • Evokes unsettlement
    • Creates expectations


    • Makes one feel inconspicuous
    • Evokes emptiness
    • Creates a sense of mystery

With that out in open, and to add to it, colors can help symbolise abstract concepts and thoughts. In the field of home decor it can help create illusions and ambience; emphasise or camouflage figures or objects. Above all, the use and arrangement of color enable us to create beauty and harmony and express our personal taste, by doing so, provide us with a sense of accomplishment.

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