A fairly new phenomenon in the market for custom-cut decoration or signage we have a huge inventory of wall decals, sometimes even know as “wallies”, tapestries, appliqués, stickers, tattoos.


These are die cut vinyl decals cut on a vinyl-cutting machines. Unlike a sticker it is not a solid piece, the vinyl is cut to form the shape of the image, any empty space is open, so you can still see through. We often refer to them as wall ornaments, they can dramatically change a room’s ambience, much like what paints or wallpapers do.

They can reinvent any plain, boring room and transform it into a wild safari adventure within minutes, at costs that won’t break your wallet. With wall decals, everyone now has the opportunity to transform their abodes into something that represents their personalities, styles, and outlooks in life.

Wall decals are widely available and are extremely fast to apply & can be changed from time-to-time.