Have you ever-wondered why find one place seems more appealing and other uneasy? Color! The “buzz” a color creates is usually called “color psychology.”

Wherever we go, we respond to color, but the importance of color is often underestimated.

Importance:- Choosing The Right Interior Paint Color/Scheme:-

  • It establishes the mood of a room

  • It reflects your personality

  • And, It should match the rest of your décor

We know what a big decision this is. At dustlesspainting we take prior time before each interior painting project to sit down with you & help you make a professional color recommendation. All color recommendations are made based on your vision and our experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re extremely involved or not that interested in choosing the perfect shade, dustlesspainting can help you walk through the process seamlessly. There are many shades and variations of each color— warm and cool shades. During a consultation session, your dustlesspainting representative will offer you the widest range of paints in every shade available. We will help choose the paint type, color and effect that perfectly match your needs.

We have color experts who realise the importance of color selection and its implications. Our representatives will guide you in creating a color theme of your choice. Our color experts will help you select the right color & even help in reducing/adding visual weight. We are skilled in recommending the perfect color combinations in making a small room look larger and vice versa. When selecting a color scheme, We often neglect the ceiling. It is crucial to remember that light color ceilings will attract attention, but dark color ceilings will direct the eye back to head level, allowing the focus to be on the walls, furnishings and accessories in a room. However, how a color looks also depends on the lighting because light affects color dramatically. Eg. Fluorescent light tends to be cooling and brings out more green or blue in a color. On the other hand, Incandescent light — light bulbs — bring more of the red/warmth out in a color. It is important to view colors in daylight & night, because they appear different. It is also important to note that a color placed on a ceiling, wall or door may elicit many different reactions. Perception of temperature may also be altered with color. Most design schemes contain more than one color in a space, so if the design includes a color from each group — warm and cool — coordination of the space is still accomplished. It is not just the color but also the type of paint (water-based paints/oil based paints) or paint finishes like metallic, satin, matte etc. At dustlesspainting, we understand each type of paint and its relevance in each situation, we also study which quality of paint is right for each task. Our aim is to perfectly straight edge your walls with/without the use of painter’s tape.

Phew! Worried, Don’t be, because even if your CCQ (Color Confidence Quotient) is modest our color experts (Ask For Color Experts) will help you at every stage. After all, we are in the business of getting the pain out of painting.